Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Queen Bee

I have mentioned our sweet neighbor Brittany before in the past, but after spending the day with her at their 3rd Annual "Queen Bee Golf Marathon," for research on her disease (NBIA), I wanted to post again. To see us giving her our love click here.

A Bee?” You ask…you wonder, “Why?”
It’s because the bee wasn’t meant to fly!
Its body is too big for its tiny wings –
But no one told the bee such a silly thing!
So it lifts its body with wings too small
And buzzes on by to show us all
That faith in the One who created you
Is what gives you strength for what you must do.
What is the lesson for you and me?
We must “BEE THE ONE” HE has called us to bee.

Colleen Corrado

I got a little upset today with my kids. Actually I did this more than once. I don't know why I can't be a bit more patient, more grateful for their uniqueness and the amazing people they are becoming. I think about Brittany often and the sacrifices she has made to come to earth. She has a body that is not perfect and will not do the things she asks of it. Yet she is happy. She is joyful. Sommer loves her dearly. And we love her too. My neighbor told me about their next fundraising event and an amazing video that was made on behalf of their family. After my most selfish attitude day, I was humbled beyond words. You will be touched by this amazing family too: Click The Leaps the view.

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Gina said...

Thanks for sharing. Such a sweet video. She is such a darling girl. So glad she has Sommer and your family to be such great friends and support.