Friday, October 10, 2008

Need To Do This More Often

Having lunch with the kids at school is something I totally need to do more often. Today was Tate's day. As I walked into the school to sign in, I saw his class coming down the hall. His teacher winked at me and said, "Tate has been talking about your lunch date all day." I then saw Tate's eyes light up when we saw me standing there. He then said, "Do you have my McDonald's?" So typical.

He grabbed my hand and we walked to the lunch room. He wanted to eat outside (you can do this when your mom is with you). We went to a little table and ate our tasty (and oh so healthy) lunch. Ethan ran over when he saw us (he was at recess) and drank all of my diet Coke and half of Tate's fries. He then gave me a big hug and asked when it would be his turn.

It was fun to see so many kids from the neighborhood and church waving (have to say...kind of a celebrity was I) at me and saying, "Hi Mrs. Porter!"

I totally need to do this more often!


Johnsons of Haymarket said...

I'm sure Tate just loved it! Now you really can without having to leave anyone at home with someone to watch them. Take advantege before they get too old and it's not cool to eat with mom.

Monica said...

I just did this with Tristan too and he absolutely loved it. I didn't pack him a lunch cause I was going to surprise him with McDonald's. I was a minute late because his drink spill in the parking lot. Anyway, he was almost in tears because he thought I forgot him, and his lunch. I must say I almost cried at the look on his face. We he saw me and that I had McDonalds too, he said it was his best lunch ever!

I'm with you. I need to do this more often cause it's fun to see him in his element.

a10cowwoman said...

Nice reminder of how important little things are.

Jean Allen said...

I loved when Lindsay would spot me at her school when she was young. She get so excited and yell my name so loud- to let everybody know that her mom came to school. Even now, when I visit Lindsay at her work, she is still happy to see me and does the "MOM" yell, notwithstanding a long line of customers.

So cool about Tate holding your hand. You are one lucky momma and your kids are so lucky to have you as their momma!

Goose said...

McDonalds at school is the best. What's even better? Enjoying it with Mom.

barnaclebutt said...

It is so cool to be pop-ular with your kids!