Friday, October 31, 2008

It was definitely a Happy HALLOWEEN

It all started with Garth carving the pumpkins solo. Actually it started with Ashton and Tate looking on for a few short minutes but like the older kids, they were too excited to get to our block party (we should totally carve before the big day next year).
We have an annual Ashby Oak Street Block party each Halloween. We love that the kids actually eat something besides candy before they head out and eat...CANDY. Here are most of the kids looking festive and anxiously awaiting the sun to set. You will see Ashton on the left eating (skeleton) and Tate on the right (skeleton in front of Kelly the grape). Ethan is goofing off on the left, right behind Ashton. Sommer is in the back with the black cape on. And to see Calvin...keep scrolling!
Sommer and her pet...

Garth and I showing our spirit. I scared way too many kids so luckily the mask wasn't on too long. But Garth did stay in his costume all night and received glowing reviews..."udderly" fantastic, among others (he said his hat was too scratchy and his udders a bit too revealing).

The best costume of the night was Calvin as Senator McCain and his friend (JAKE! yes a boy) as Sarah Palin. People thought there was a new girl on the street. They campaigned all night long (I think as I write this, Garth is out looking for them somewhere in our neighborhood...its 9:30). The Republican Party owe these boys BIG TIME!

We had perfect weather, lots of my favorite candy (Reese's, Swedish Fish and Hershey's), and plenty of super friend interaction!


shawni said...

looks like a great one!

a10cowwoman said...

Loved the costumes Heather. Sommer looks so grown up!