Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspired by Brittany

It's true...I have Brittany to thank. You see, I am running the Boston Marathon this year for Brittany. I am currently raising money that will go directly to NBIA's research lab in California.

I have been running a lot lately (okay, nothing new).  But I have more importantly been running faster.  When I start to tire, I think of Brittany, unable to walk, talk or even move (except for her arm a bit).  I make myself go faster...because I am able.

Today I ran another 5k.  I took 35 seconds off my fastest time, clocking a 20:24. 

I am grateful for my ability to run...for Brittany.

Please make a donation (however small) for my neighbor (and friend).

Go here to get the details on all of the fun.


Angie said...

You were hauling! Great pics. Atta' girl!

Mom N said...

Good for you! I like that weather and that skirt.