Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had our annual Christmas Eve Party and what a night!  It all began with a Mexican Feast...And ended with a Sundae Bar.

That might just do for an evening of fun...but everything in between was rather fabulous too!

The 12 minute Family Gingerbread Decorating Contest was a hit as family fought against family to take home the big prize...the Gingerbread Plate.  Honor went to the Jenkinson family!  Honorable mention goes out to the Starks, Porters and Turners!

The gift exchange for the little ones (and big ones) was great fun too.  We found that no child wanted to "steal" a gift from everyone just opened a gift and seemed happy enough.  But afterall, they were only $1 store toys.

The adult gift exchange was a complete opposite adventure tensions rising as gifts were taken time and time again.  A twist was presented at the gift was a complete "white elephant."  If you ended up with this gift you had the option at the end of the game to chose between to with the value of $10, the other $25.

In the end, Pop-Pop, with the final choice in gifts, took the gamble and succeeded in choosing the $25 gift card (and was required to take home the white elephant gift...which he then proceeded to wrap and present to Garth at our family gift exchange Christmas morning).

The night is never complete without the impromptu reading (and acting out) of the Christmas Story.  As Scott read from Luke, Garth (or the donkey) carried Mary (Madeline) on his back with Joseph (Coleman) following along (with small amounts of coaxing) to Bethlehem.  The sheep (all small boys) and shepherds (all large boys) gathered 'round, the "bread of life (the only "baby" we had available)" and wisemen (the teens) presented gifts to the Saviour.

We enjoyed spending time with all of you on Christmas Eve!

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