Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

It was indeed a Merry Christmas for the Porter Family!

 Dressed in their PJ best, the day was filled with plenty of joy.
 Ethan was overjoyed to add to his ventriloquist doll collection, receiving first the deluxe upgrade (hollow body and trigger moving mouth), Oliver Hardy.
 He was even happier when Grandma and Grandpa surprised him with Mortimer Snerd Super Deluxe (with the additional moving eyes).  He has been performing looking for Ethan's debut on a stage near you.
 Garth's joy was met after finding this tent under the tree.  The coolest opens up within seconds.  No more late night frustrating tent putting up episodes.  A perfect gift for our Scout Master.

 Sommer was thrilled to receive purple Uggs (Battlefield color)...Calvin was sad he didn't get a pair.
 Tate loved his Razor did his siblings.
 Ashton was found playing his DSi XL for an entire 12 hour period.
 Tate seemed to just want to rip open thanks to Pop-pop's tradition of wrapping everything single item in their stockings...Tate's wish was granted.
 These four lucky people received bed buddies!  Move over pillow pets...and make room for these guys!

 Ashton and Tate loved their bears...
We love our Grandpa and Grandma...thanks for always making the Christmas magic continue at your home!

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