Monday, December 27, 2010

Tate is Baptized!

Sunday, December 26, Tate was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  With a winter storm trying to roll in (to Garth's disappointment it didn't give us more than a dusting), friends and family joined us in witnessing the baptism of our fourth little darling, Tate Matthew.

Our good friend, Jeremy (and bishopric member), conducted the meeting and Ethan opened with prayer.  Big brother Calvin spoke on baptism followed by a sweet duet by Garth and Sommer.  Tate then entered the waters (according to Tate, cold waters) of baptism and was washed cleaned.  We then gathered together to hear Aunt Lisa give an amazing talk on the Holy Ghost, presenting Tate with a blanket to remind him of this precious gift.  I was lucky to welcome him into the primary as the Pres and Mom and Pop-Pop Gair closed the meeting with prayer.

Filled to capacity with amazing long time friends and family our hearts were filled with their love and support.

Thank you everyone for making this day so special for Tate (and me).


the Geoff Davis said...

Heather! It is so fun to catch up on friends during my very own Christmas break! I can not believe how much your kids have grown! My goodness, Sommer is such a beautiful, GROWN woman! She has your spectacular smile...lucky her. You look great, and your happy, active family is an inspiration. Keep it up! Darcie

Trisha said...

You have the cutest family!! Congrats to Tate. (Is Sommer old enough to visit yet? We would love for her to visit AZ just like her mom did...)