Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow, Rudolph, Waterpark and Losing Suit

Virginia had its first snow fall on Thursday. After one inch fell, they closed the schools early for the day. And lucky us, there was no school on Friday...perfect for our trip to Williamsburg.
Grandma and Grandpa Gair joined us on another one of our crazy adventures...this time to the Great Wolf Lodge. And as always, we had a blast!

We didn't get a chance to sit with Santa but we did get to see Rudolph in the lobby and even had real snow fall inside.
The real fun was had at the waterpark. We were thrilled to run into three families we knew and LOVED hanging out on Friday. The men went on the Tornado where they defied all odds (and the weight limit by 300 lbs) and almost didn't live to tell everyone how much fun it was...
The ladies then went together and laughed (and screamed) so hard they almost peed their pants (I am not telling if anyone actually did..ewww gross).
But the true laughing fest began when someone had the brilliant idea to try out the "Wave Rider." I don't know how I ended up being the first adult to go...
It was pretty fun for the first 5 seconds until I got caught up in a wave and was thrusted backwards up to the top of the ride. That "thrust" caused the top portion of my suit to come off, which I quickly grabbed and put back into the right place. While so doing (and quite stressed), I hear Brooke yell from the crowd of onlookers (and there were many), "your butt is hanging out too!" After trying to get re-dressed and the poor young boy that was running the ride awkwardly turned away, I see Sommer laughing hysterically (not to mentioned the other ladies).
If this story sounds familiar, it is. Garth lost his suit at the Massunutten waterpark a few years ago, scaring both Calvin and Sommer for years.
I was totally impressed, that after my striptease, both Brooke and Nonnie gave it a go. Brooke mastered the ride only losing her suit slightly, showing off her back and lower bummage. Nonnie, being a Californian, rode the wave like a pro and didn't show any inappropriate skin.

The good news:
See those waves at the top? Well they blocked me from showing my private life to the camera.

Here is Garth giving the ride a try...and looking good.

Ethan was awesome too!

We had a super time. Loved the Magi Quest game...Sommer and AShton played for hours (ok and me too).
And now we can't wait to go back!