Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hawaii Happenings

I am sick at looking at myself running in that last post!  So it is time to finally share some new happenings...and we have been happening indeed.

I mean...look at those toes (and old looking feet) just relaxing in Hawaii!

Garth and I were blessed to head over to Hawaii a few weeks ago to spend some time with my parents and Mike and Nikki (can you believe I haven't seen my bro and sis for at least 8 years...sad I know).  But it was just like old times...laughing, laughing and more laughing...mixed with sunning, sunning and more sunning!

I can't express how wonderful it was to spend time with my mom and Nikki.  And the hard work we all took part in getting the most amazing tans.  We were exhausted every night...and then we would eat, feeling much better.

Garth preferred the more "active" Hawaii vacation and took up cliff diving with a bunch of locals.  I don't think the locals busted up their shoulder though.  I do have to give myself credit for snorkeling around that black rock corner far far from the beach (and safety). Have I told you I am afraid of open water (or closed for that matter).  I was doing pretty good until someone said there was a huge turtle under me...I mean...right under me...creepy...I was too freaked out to actually see it...but who knows, I might have actually touched it!  And then as we crept our way around the rocks, I started to notice dark murky waters that led to shark territory.  After those thoughts entered my mind...I was "outta" there...and safely found myself on the sand where I went back to "working on my tan."

We also went to church while in Hawaii. I love going anywhere in the world and finding our church and feeling right at home...Aloha!  And Garth enjoyed wearing plaid shorts and a Hawaiian shirt with sandals...Aloha!

Don't start thinking that all I did was lay in the sun all day...there was "one" time I rode 26 miles down from the Volcano...a whoppin' 10,000 feet.  You might think that was easy (Garth says he never had to pedal) but gravity was on his side.  For me to keep up, I had to pedal like a fool (my parents followed us from behind in their car and confirmed the "fool" and "pedaling").

You would have thought we were riding motorcross bikes with helmets like these.  But no, simple mountain bikes.

I would have loved to see the crater of the "so called" Haleakala Volcano but no...too many clouds hanging out...lame (that was a waste of $15 bucks).

And man oh man...it was freezing up there.  I was wondering where Hawaii went.  But lucky for me, it wasn't long until mom and I were safely back to work at the beach.

Is this lady the cutest thang?!  We had a blast relaxing by the water...talking and talking!  Love you Mom! 

We had a lovely picnic on the beachfront our last evening. After sharing a delicious pizza, it wasn't long until the ants took over and finished it.  That all happened when we encouraged Garth to ride the waves one last time before we ended our vacation.

You would think Garth was showing off here for some ladies on his final wave...oh wait he was (or my funny brother cut and pasted him)...you decide

Our dear friends, Laura and Tung, met us in Waikiki and we had a lovely brunch on the beach.  We were given these lovely leis too.  Man, they are good to us!  I think we might move in with them!

We think it was a little unfair when we woke up to this view the first morning.  But we took full advantage of it...don't worry.

This was seriously one of the best vacations I have been on...ever! 
Aloha and Mahalo (and Power to the Pope...or so the birds say).


shawni said...

SOOOO Fun! That looks like a little piece of heaven! Hey, did Stephanie call you about our get-togetehr plan??

Trisha said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm so jealous of that tan right about now.