Sunday, December 28, 2008

Perfect Gift

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Novakovich for the perfect gift:
We love fires at the Porter House.
We had been using an old decrepit pit I found in someone's garbage.
When that turned to ashes, we used a clay chimney pot gifted to us from our friends.
That has since been cracked (due to overuse).
Garth and the boys have wanted a new fire pit forever!
Fires will abound.
Garth is THE fire starter.

Joey likes fires too.
Ethan is the king of fires...

Tonight we had a family smore night. With 70 degree temperatures (yeah, you read that right, 70 hot degrees out), we found it a perfect night to roast in our new gift.
It will be well used
and loved.
Thank you!


Kristen said...

Wow. What a great gift! That one will get lots o' love.

Shelese said...

That looks so fun to have a new fire pit. You must have been 'nice' this year! Merry Christmas to you guys!

Marylin said...

Nice gift!! We love to use my parents fire pit too although it is not real wood, but it is great nonetheless. Although with the snow and cold weather we have had we haven't used it much. I am sooo glad you guys had a great Christmas! Love ya

Mom N said...

We in Alaska are enjoying (?) 0 degree outdoor firepit here. Glad you are enjoying it. Love you guys.

Trisha said...

This is one of our favorite things to do with our family in our back yard too. Hope you enjoy it!