Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Problem with Christmas Shopping

Here is my problem with Christmas Shopping:
I find way too many things that I want.
Here is a down puffer from
that I know will keep me perfectly warm this winter!
I have been so cold!
And who wouldn't love these trendy RED patten Dansko Clogs. LOVE THEM! Want Them!
...can't have them.
And since I am on a red kick, how easily did I fall in love with this sweater from Abercrombie... totally instantly!
Would this be a classic for all time or what?!

I need to stay out of the stores so I won't be tempted any more...
but man did I have fun window shopping!


Cherilyn said...

We'll dream of all the cute things together and then be happy when our savings account is fat and happy!

shawni said...

I'm with ya...
And I love your new picture up top. Am I going to get that on my Christmas card?