Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can I Tell You... absolutely wonderful it is to have two little boys that go to so bed easily?! They have no problem when I tell them it is time for bed (as long as we give them a, "10 more minutes!" warning) and their other three siblings are still up (making noise). They never ask me "why doesn't Ethan or Calvin have to go to bed?" They just go right up to bed.
I tell them the ever popular "Candy Mountain" or "Candy Beach" (if you need a good story, this one has worked for years and never tires...simply take them to "Candy Mountain, " by way of the secret little button under their bed. When they arrive via the fruit roll-up slide, they are in a place where everything is made up of candy. I usually throw in a few stomach aches to be sure they understand what might happen after eating everything candy...) stories and they settle down quickly.
The other children are simple too and require minimal assistance; a prayer, maybe a little story, a back scratch and/or a quick breath check to be sure they actually brushed...with toothpaste and they are fast asleep.
I am so extra grateful because over the past 13 years it hasn't always been so easy. We have had children who have slept with us and were unable to sleep alone. There have been those little ones who needed long rockings in the chair with lullaby after lullaby before finally nodding off. We have had the wake-up multiple times every night (I hate getting out of bed at night) babies. I also remember the tough transition stage from crib to bed. At least three of mine liked to wander around at night after everyone was asleep. Tough Times!
But none of that anymore. Everyone sleeps through the night. Everyone goes to bed when asked (except for an occasional one who is caught still reading at midnight). And some even sleep in! And when they do wake up, they all can get their own breakfast!
To those dear mothers who are in still fighting the good fight, I tell you this...You are amazing, and you can do it!
BUT if you are ever at your wits end and you just need a nap, call me and I will watch your little ones. I know how tired you can get!
I am serious.


Jean Allen said...

I would have taken you up on your offer 20 years ago!

just jen said...

connor slept in our bed for the first 3 years of his life so i know and feel the joy of being able to put them to bed and not worrying...such a blessing!

shawni said...

That is such a great feeling...I wish you could take Lu for a while. Congrats on getting sleep each night though, and good for you for realizing it enough to be thankful. I love that!