Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blasted Thief!

I was at Tyson's Corner on Thursday having a jolly old Christmas Shopping day. Upon my arrival home, I couldn't seem to find my cell phone. But have you seen my purse? I figured it would show up later that day under the many layers of junk my bag collects. When I finally dumped everything out and found many interesting things but no phone, I started to worry.

But stupid me, I didn't worry enough. I waited two days...then I called T-Mobil to report my lost OR by slim chance, stolen phone. Too late. Some idiot had been having a hay day with my cell phone calling all of his loser friends in Europe and the Middle East! Who does that?

Anyway, I am out a big chunk of change...hopefully making some criminal feel closer to his loved ones this holiday season!
By the way, there is no protection against calls that are made on your phone. So if you do misplace your phone, I recommend calling your carrier immediately (even if you do think it is deep within your purse).
I would love any cool phone suggestions!
Happy Day!


Jayne said...

just got the env2. love it. it's fun to text with...not that i really text, but the two or three people that i do text, it's fun to do.

BB said...

well, having run the fraud dept at a phone company, I guess I have to respond here.

If you think about it, this really has to be the policy of any phone company - otherwise everyone's long duration phone calls oversees would suddenly start turning into fraudulent usage.

However, the cost here can be mitigated in a couple of ways:
1) the phone company is really only concerned about recovering their COST, so ask for a credit on half of the amount assuming that they make 50% margin.
2) convince them that you REALLY don't call people oversees and that your previous calling patterns show that.
3) if you plan to upgrade *anything* with the company, offer that as leverage in your negotiation.
4) first question to the rep - do you have the authority to apply a credit to my account...if they don't escalate immediately by asking to speak to their manager.

next time you misplace your phone, sometimes the carriers have web sites where you can log in and see your real time usage, so if calls are being made, you should be able to see them.

Heather said...

Thanks Bryan. I am going to totally work on that possible %50 off.

Lesson learned this week!

Goose said...

I must say, we are an apple family. Meaning Mac fans. So Jonathan has loved his iphone. He gives it great regards! I have a blackberry pearl. It's fine, but want to get the iphone when my konks out, or gets stolen...