Monday, February 4, 2008

Thanks Grandma and Pop-Pop

It is an unfair advantage when both parents get sick at the same time. It happened to us this weekend. Luckily, I didn't have a fever like Garth (104 at times), so I was at least able to come downstairs and wonder how the house could keep getting so messy in such short periods of time.
Grandma brought Sommer over a super soft and snuggly blanket which she proceeded to cuddle with the entire looked great over her head as well (see picture)! Pop-pop and Grandma then took care of lunch for the boys (who were all feeling fine and full of tons of energy after having the flu earlier in the week) and stocked our house with fruit!

Grandma and I took two of the three basketball shifts to watch Ethan and Calvin play this weekend.
Ethan could only play for about five minutes and asked the coach to take him out. He proclaimed that he couldn't breathe and was going to throw up. He is known for being dramatic so luckily he didn't actually give us all a heave ho show. Their team lost again. Ethan wants to win badly and said as we were driving away, "I wish we could move to Chicago." I asked him why. He replied, "So Michael Jordon could be on our team."

Calvin is a superstar basketball player and on a great team. They have a 4-1 record. It is a blast to watch him play. He usually scores more than half his teams points and is amazing at reading the ball and where it is going to makes for some great steals!

I took poor little Ashton to the doctor today after he was up all night with aching ears. He had a double ear infection. Garth and I are hoping that this crummy flu will be a distant memory!


Goose said...

The kids (and you guys) are so lucky to have grandparents around to help! I hope you guys are on the mend.

shawni said...

HEY Heytar!! I'm so excited to see you took the plunge. I love it. And now I'm looking forward to bunches of Haymarket Happenings. I need to call and catch up, but at least I have a little glimpse for now. Miss you.

Kristen said...

I think that Calvin gets his basketball skills from his mom. And I love Ethan's comment about Michael Jordan, wouldn't that be great. How nice to have family around to help you out.

Shelese said...

Ha, those are great Parents! And now your Pop Pop is sick :( that sounds like quite the bug.