Sunday, February 17, 2008

Am I Getting Old?

Many of you know I am training for the race of all races, the Boston Marathon. Although I am a bit burnt out from all the time it takes to train for 26.2 miles, I committed to myself that I would run Boston this year (after you qualify, you have 18 months from your qualifying race to participate in Boston's Marathon) and I couldn't run it last year.

This has not been easy. The first challenge is conquering my mental game. I am just not that interested in running 40-55 miles each week with 16 plus miles on Saturdays anymore. After finally getting a grip on my plantar fasciatis problem (pricey custom orthodics), my lower hamstring/poplitius muscles began to give me problems (okay, so it has been bugging me for about a year). So much pain in fact, that running hurt. I couldn't imagine being able to handle that kind of discomfort for 26 miles/3.5 hours. After being stupid and going against my "no basketball, raquetball or aerobic classes" during training rule and playing basketball, I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I then went to a super hard core total conditioning class at Lifetime and pulled my upper hamstring. Then to make matters worse, our family got the pre-mentioned flu and I was running 12 miles with a low grade fever.

So after going to my A.R.T. (active release therapy) chiropractor, having a trigger point massage (the pain about knocked me out), and talking to a great sport injury othopedic doctor, I actually started feeling better. My faith in my capabilities was increased, my desire to continue training was great and I was excited to complete my Boston challenge.

Well, I can't believe it. On Friday, I went for a 4 mile run for a quick tempo run. I ran on a totally flat surface, albeit hard (a concrete sidewalk) but straight out and back surface. Afterwards, I noticed my achilles a bit sore. I blew it off and geared up for my 16 mile long run scheduled for the next morning. I woke up with the ankle/achilles still tender. I ran 16 miles, followed by a basketball game (AND LISTEN...I took it totally easy and was really just there as a body cause my team was short on players). It hurt when I ran, it hurt when I was playing basketball (and I guess you could contribute my "easy playing" due to the fact my ankle/achilles actually hurt really bad and was gratefully forcing me to slow down), and continued to hurt throughout the day.

When I finally went to bed that night, I decided I had better find out why I was having this pain. I couldn't believe it...what in the world was going on? My left ankle was bruised and swollen! I don't ever recall twisting it. I then reflected upon the words my lovely orthopedic said to me this week, "Sometimes after we reach the age of 35, our bodies don't handle the stress that we once did when we were in our 20's." Garth then followed up this morning with, "Heather, I am pleased, you are finally experiencing the frustrating feelings I get when my body doesn't work."

Am I getting old?


Ginger said...

If it makes you feel any better you and Angie have been a big inspiration to me. It seems like "old age," it's us all at different times in our lives; it hit me at 30 and I've only been here for three months.

shawni said...

I know I'm getting old. I still feel like I should be in YW, but here I am with five rambunctious kids and a face filling quickly with wrinkles. Where in the world did all that time go?

a10cowwoman said...

As I read you blog I had the feeling of "been there, done that" with much of it. Even though all of it is frustrating and painful I was still envious. That does sound weird, but you are still able to run and play. Goodluck with all the challenges. You are my hero.

The Rowles said...

You seem to be the right person to ask all my injury questions. Lots of experience! I am so excited to have found you again I can't wait to pull the family card and tap into your advice (I am having shoe issues, I'll ask you later) you are such an inspiration. I haven't left my computer since I got your blogg info. As my mom said it's good to get to know your cousins every ten years or so.