Saturday, February 23, 2008

Garth is a Lucky Man

A few months ago, Garth put his business card in a local coffee shops contest bowl. He ended up winning a 160 GB Ipod Classic. We were thrilled except for the fact he already owned one. I had the nano and the two of the kids had the shuffle. We really didn't need it. But what we did need was a video camera. So I took it to Best Buy to see if I could exchange it for a new camera. I ended up finding one the same price as the ipod, so now I can stop feeling guilty that we aren't capturing our children's lives and start filming. Our first official "shoot" happened this week when we filmed a short 5 minute movie in my first attempt at getting on a game show (we all have dreams you know). Cross your fingers that "Deal or No Deal" will think I am exciting enough to be on their least I know I am smart enough for this one (Garth has attempted to be on Jeopardy twice...that takes more than good looks and a sparkling personality).

I still am hoping that I might "win" something in my lifetime. I still tear up when I recall the crawling contest that Tate took part four years ago and got second place (photo finish I must add)...we came so close to winning our dream vacation: A trip for 8 on a Disney Cruise! And when Garth reads this post he will be saying to himself, "Let it go, Heather, let it go..."


The Rowles said...

Good to know we are not the only family that is not videoing our life.(I'm sure we will get on board someday)So lets see your audition.

Kristen said...

Lucky family. Some people have it, some don't.