Thursday, February 7, 2008

Music to My Ears

I wouldn't go as far as to call us the Partridge Family, but I think we might just have a few musicians in our future. Adding to our current pianists, Sommer, Cal and Ethan, we now have a banjo player, bass, and guitarist!

Garth loves his new guitar that he received from Santa at Christmas. After knowing him for over 15 years, I had no idea he could play so well.
Ethan has been wanting to take banjo lessons from Pop-Pop Gair since he first laid eyes on his Grandpa's Golden Banjo. His fingers are now just long enough to hold the basic he finally gets to take lessons!
As many of you already know, Calvin is really cool. So is his Grandma Gair. After seeing her play many times, he knew if he were to keep up with his coolness, he needed to add the bass as one of his talents. And our new bass player was born. Doesn't hurt to have his teacher a cool cat.
Sommer has asked Dad to teach her Guitar.
I think tamberine is the only thing left for me...anyone know a good teacher!

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