Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Away

It is the week we have all been waiting for...our annual trip to Massanutten resort (or as Garth calls it...Massa-nothing) at our time-share. We have never been able to take a full week due to Garth's work schedule but we are always happy to go for however long we can manage...someday we hope to actually take all the kids skiing (Cal is the only child that has gone) and stay longer than 3 days. This year it will be a three day event (although Garth can only stay one day). We plan on tubing today (half price...gotta love that) and hitting the indoor waterpark tomorrow (we are so happy Grandma and Pops will come to join in the fun). We love just hanging out, going for hikes, and enjoy just getting away!

I will post pictures and details about everything in a few days!


mrs. r said...

did you know that matt was in the massanutten trail map when he was little? (and by little, i mean like 4 years old and skiing everything on the mountain.)

just a little bit of useless knowledge for your enjoyment.

mrs. r said...

p.s. i knew that i could ski anything when i could ski their gravity run covered in ice.