Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dog Poo Brownies

What a great lesson my friend, Jean taught us at church today. She told us the story about " the dog poo brownies" and I thought I would share it with all of you (this is of course is my attempt of interpreting it).

A family is sitting together at dinner discussing the week's events. A couple of the kids bring up a popular movie that has just come out that they saw a few days prior. The father asks how the movie was. The kids reply, "It was great...except for a couple of little just have to see it!" The kids summed up that it was a "must-see" movie minus the small little part that wasn't quite up to their family's standards.

The next week the father brought all the children back together for a family meeting. He had made brownies! They looked delicious with thick chocolate frosting and even lively sprinkles. The kids were beside themselves and couldn't wait to dig in! The father offered the brownies to the kids but before they could have one he said this, "These are great brownies...except for a little doggie poo that I gathered up from the backyard. I only put a intzy bitzy tiny bit of dog poo in these brownies. There is still super rich chocolate and sweet as can be sugar...just forget about the small little part that might have a little poo mixed in."

Of course the kids wouldn't touch the brownies. It made me think about our family and why we let in movies, books, television shows with "just a couple of little bad spots" or "small parts that couldn't be all that bad..."

Poo is bad...even a little bit of it.

During the class, someone mentioned a great website to check out movies to see if they are up to your standards: there are others as well, do share if you have a favorite!


shawni said...

Good reminder. I'm sorry I missed you too yesterday! I'll try again.

Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Loved that story too. And thanks for posting the website for the movies, I was trying to find it and forgot what it was called.

a10cowwoman said...

I did a similar thing with brownies, but it had to do about having a good attitude. Someone's bad attititude can ruin a great family trip, party, etc. After the little lesson I gave them the brownies with a bit of chopped onion thrown in. Everyone got the idea. Now if someone is being a sour-puss we say, "don't be the onion."

Heather said...

Now that is a great idea too, Heather. We have some "attitudes" around here...I think an onion is something I would rather scoop up...