Saturday, May 12, 2012

Out With the OLD...In With The NEW

I am a creature of habit.  I usually wake up each morning and follow the same routine throughout the day with a few add ons and and changes that pop up randomly. While attending my beloved BYU, I would eat the same thing every day (don't judge)...cereal, baked tortilla chips and salsa, and berry gummies from the candy shop at the BYU store...ahhh the memories.

I like to eat the same food and shop at the same stores. I have my favorite vacation spots, restaurants and people I love to hang out with...

Don't get me wrong, I am totally OPEN to new things.  I will try anything. And if I like it, it becomes part of my routine.

Recently I concluded that I was truly in love with the following things:

FRESH MANGO (I had a student at school give me a chilled slice and immediately had to buy some)

EL TIO's FISH TACOS (Sandy had them a few months ago and gave me a bite.  The crusted Tilapia is truly to die for...I now dream about them)

PIRATE'S BOOTY (We have always enjoyed these delicious snacks but since BJ's carries a HUGE bag...I can't resist)

READING (I always love to read but since I have been subbing, I have been given extra time to delve into latest favorites: Cutting For Stone...deeper lit... and I've Got Your Number...chic lit)

Diet Coke (I have tried many times to "become addicted" but it never really stuck...but unfortunately, I now look forward to one each day...I guess that constitutes addiction)

SCRAMBLE (It wasn't two months ago I shared my addiction to Words With Friends but thanks to Robyn, I am now in love with this game...thanks?)

GETTING UP EARLY  (Not early early but early for me.  I remember when some lady called me one morning when Sommer was a baby. I think it was around 7:30. I can vividly recall how offended I was that someone would actually call me at that wickedly early time of the day.  I now wake up ON MY OWN at 6:45 each morning...and I like gives me more time to carry out my daily rituals)

So out with the old, in with the new...what fun. 

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Judy Havrilla said...

I've never heard of this Pirate's Booty...