Monday, May 7, 2012

Off to the Races

I stumbled on the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.  I just happenedto turn on the TV,  hop into to bed for a few minutes of rest and relaxation and happened to see the parade of horses as they approached their "big race."

I was amazed at the excitement the three gentlemen expressed as they talked about each horse, its rider and the background stories.  After chatting about the horse and rider, they then turned to the trainer.  Moments later, they then began talking about the owner.

The horse.

The rider.

The trainer.

The owner.

What?! For a mere two minutes of sport, they spend at least thirty minutes talking about the race.  I can't even begin to imagine how many years were spent, not to mention the amount of money, in preparation for the derby. TWO MINUTES?!

And then the race starts as the horses rush out of their gates in hopes of the prize (well, I am not sure they quite understand "prize" and all).  A mile of track, dirt flinging and flying, whips a slappin', people in hats cheering, and then, just after 2 minutes, a winner is crowned. It's over.

Well not yet. Then there is hoopla over the horse, the rider, the trainer and the owner.  Tears are shed, promises of hot tubs will be granted (the trainer's son was told he would get a hot tub), and cheers and joy over the entire tradition is shared.

I don't get it. 

But I kind of get it.

I thought about my life.  Truly such a short little blip in the entire scheme of things (as Mormons, we believe we lived before we came to earth and will live again).

I am the horse.  Born to my dear parents who truly think I am winner.

The rider(s) are my parents.  They have been there from the start...through the good and the bad...they lead me along.  A little squeeze here and a little tug there. At times they have had to "whip" me into shape with love, in an attempt to push me along the right path and to my journey's end.

The trainer(s) are the wonderful people that have come into my life at various times....teachers, friends, family.  Their words of wisdom, have given me hope and love...each wishing me only the best of outcomes.

The owner is my Heavenly Father.  He not only knows me personally, he knows my rider and trainer...and together we can finish strong.

At times it may seem like a long race but it really isn't.  It goes quickly.  We come out of the gates running and keep running as those that love us cheer us on and on until we finish.  Dirt a flinging and a flying, whips a slappin', cheers that carry hope for the best race...end as quickly as it started and we are

A lot goes into being a winner. 

...even big hats.

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