Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Rigby

We already have a cat (Misty) and a big hairy dog (Joey) and now introducing....


Yes, we are crazy.

Rigby was supposed to stay in his room (Calvin volunteered his space since Sommer already housed the two other animals) for one week to get used to his new home...


He has been crying all day.

And like any mother would do...(I just couldn't have such a cute little guy sounding so sad and alone) I went and got him.  He is currently with me as I blog.

He keeps pouncing on my keyboard.  He uses his claws to climb up into my lap (ouch) and thinks my hair is fun to swat.

He is dang cute.

And he is Sommer's cat.  She bought him. She will be taking care of him (for the next two years and then Ashton has volunteered to take over while she is away at college).

Let the "more" fun begin.

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Johnsons of Haymarket said...

Oh dear... You're a sucker! Is he doing ok with Joey? I still can't believe you got another pet, you guys are crazy. But he was pretty irresistable!