Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mind Over Matter

"If you don't mind, it won't matter."

I am trying not to mind...the clutter, the left open cupboards and drawers, sticky syrup on counter, the dog's shedding hair, stained carpets, incessant laundry, weeds taking over my garden list could go on for days.

...because I know it doesn't really matter.

I know what truly matters...listening to Sommer tell me about her upcoming 90's concert (she was picked as one of the soloists), watching Ethan rock out on his guitar, Calvin calling out my name in his gym class where I was subbing with 100 8th graders, "Hi Mom!", wiping the syrup off Tate's chin (okay so you know where the sticky syrup comes from) as he kisses me good bye (then I wipe off syrup on my chin), helping Ashton change his sheets on the top bunk (during the "linen exchange," he explained that the new sheet was also dirty and as I told him it was probably just a stain, I see the new, clean sheet on the floor and realized I had actually removed the dirty sheet and then put it BACK on...we both laughed about that), watching Garth help the children with their homework (with the realization I CAN'T)...

...because I know THESE THINGS really do matter.

Just my little thought for my day...and upcoming weekend camping at the beach...where I will surely need mind over matter!

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Cherilyn said...

"If you don't mind it don't matter" is Jim's favorite saying especially when it comes to running. This is his advice to me when I tell him how hard it is to run! Hope your doing great. I just got called to be in the Primary Presidency. Ah, brings back memories! I just wish I didn't have to figure out how to do sharing time in spanish!