Monday, November 1, 2010

Raising Money For Brittany

This is my good friend Brittany. I have written about her before on earlier posts. I get to be with her every Tuesday...and I love it.
Brittany has a rare genetic disorder called NBIA or Neuro-degeneration with brain iron accumulation. Did you know that there are only about 200 people in the U.S. with this disease? Yikes! And there is only one small research center devoted to NBIA in California...but they require $250,000 each year to keep it running.
I want to help.
I decided to run the 2011 Boston Marathon in honor of Brittany this year. Not only that, I want to raise money for research.
Check out my Boston for Brittany Blog to see how you can help me raise money for Brittany!
Simply donate:
and receive 1, 6 or 26 guesses for my Boston Finish Time. The person that predicts my finish time the closest, will receive 5% of the money raised!
I will listing the guesses as they come in!

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