Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Lake

We had a fantastic time at the lake with the Gairs, Lisa, the Anderson Family and the Toma's!
The four oldest, Kylie, Sommer, Calvin and Braden spent most of the day wandering around the lake with camera in hand. They did a lovely job taking in their goings on...but out of the 100's of pictures they took, no young children, turkey, Ann, Garth, Bruce, Lisa were to be found.

But I think they had a lot of fun!

We had a blast playing our tennis tournament. And although the rules changed often, we had a "ball." Go Steve!

I hadn't played tennis in years. I think my running helped me chase after all of the balls.

Devin and Jen were pretty amazing.

And Donna and Bruce were top notch (the do play three or four times a week)...

The lake was absolutely beautiful!

Cal and Som love hanging out.

My thought exactly, Sommer...truly grateful for the beautiful lake.
...and even more thankful for the family and friends we were able to share it with...


Mom N said...

Looks wonderful. Boys look handsome and Sommer looks beautiful.

Monica said...

Love the new picture at the top! Sommer has totally grown up! Wow!

Looks like you all had a blast at at lake! What a fun group!

Cherilyn said...

Sommer is sooooooo photogenic! Gorgeous young lady! Oh, by the way, your post should have started as "We had a fantastic time at the lake with the Gairs, Lisa, the Anderson Family, The Bloomer's and the Toma's! Count us in a couple of years!