Friday, September 24, 2010

I LOVE Shopping.

I have always had a love for shopping. I am not picky. I will shop for pretty much anything. I started working at Nordstrom in college to pretty much have the option to shop at work. When Garth started his law practice and things were tight, I looked forward to my trip to Costco each week. And then when the law practice was no more and things even became more "tight" I looked forward to my garage sale addiction (I have had it for many years and it hasn't been until recently, my running addiction has replaced it), where I could pretty much buy anything without feeling guilty. Now you can find me at my favorite thrift store, searching for super deals on awesome brands!

Well the past few years, I have grown to love the grocery store. A place were my competitive juices start flowing as I search for anything and everything I can get for next to nothing.

Here are some recent shopping trips from last week's Harris Teeter madness. I added up all of my receipts and found the total before deals (and steals) was around $700. I spent approx. $32 out of my pocket. I got some great stuff!

I am pretty proud of my addictions. One keeps me in good shape and the other keeps our family eating on a dime (and feeds my other growing obsession...LUNCHING...we won't talk about that right now). If only Lindsey Lohan could come to one of our coupon classes!

I know you all want to see what the Porter Family eats, yeah right...the organic food and other extremely healthy items are hidden in the closet (I don't want you to feel bad about your own habits....)

But just for fun, take a look. I can't remember exactly what I paid for each shopping trip, but I can tell you the most was $15 and most of the others were under a dollar.

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The Curtis Family said...

Wow Heytar. I'll give you props for being the FIRST couponer I've seen who actually buys stuff I would feed my family! I have some other friends who post pics of their steals and it's all crap junk food (why do we need a year's supply of fruit snacks and pop tarts?). Once again you are inspiring!

shawni said...

WOW. All I can say is WOW to that. Maybe I should come to your class on Wednesday...

I got your text tonight but by the time we left our friend's house it was too late to call. I think it may work to meet up tomorrow night...I'll call tomorrow.