Friday, November 5, 2010

Beautiful Girl...

Sommer is one beautiful girl...inside and out.

She has a bunch of great friends. They all decided to dress up as the "seasons" for Halloween.
Sommer was Summer of course.
This girl has taken High School by storm:
1. Ran for Freshman class Vice -President
2. Made Homecoming Court
3. Made all-county Treble Choir (ranked 3 in the whole county)
4. Made All-District Treble Choir (while coughing...she ranked 6th)
5. Made the Field Hockey team and LOVED it.
6. Wakes herself up each morning at 4:15 to get ready for seminary...then she wakes up Garth to drive her to the church (she hasn't missed once).
7. Helps with Brittany
8. Is the YW Chorister
Love ya Sommer!


Trisha said... are beautiful! I love the season idea for Halloween.

shawni said...

She IS a beauty!! Tell her hi from us!