Saturday, November 6, 2010


Our friends from Danmark, The Andersen family, came by for a few days as they traveled through the USA!

The first few days were pretty sad when I realized I couldn't speak a lick of Danish anymore or understand much they were saying either.

But tears came to my eyes, when after a few days, I could understand it again and could actually speak (and be understood, or at least I would like to think I could). Man I miss DANISH!

I was thrilled when Lise agreed to teach me how to make AEBLESKIVER. They are similar to donut holes and totally delish. Here are some pictures of our cooking class:

The oldest daughters, Julie and Catrina were a big help, teaching me the Danish "slang," since most of the language was "missionary" related. I was amazed at how well they all spoke English.

Here in this picture, I realize that my aebleskiver skills are lacking. Lise was the master!

We took everyone to the ward Halloween trunk-r-treat. We all had fun dressing up in costume. I think the Andersen kids were pretty amazed at the amount of candy they received that night. Here they are doing the Porter tradition of pouring out candy and doing some trading.

Little Pernilla (their youngest), was able to go to my neighbors (since our costume stash consists of pretty much skeletons and bloody masks) and try on every princess costume imaginable. She went with the snow princess. And man oh man did she look adorable.

We visited the Arlington Cemetery too. Here is Ashton and Pernilla posing. They couldn't really speak to one another but that didn't seem to bother them at all.

A friend of ours, set up a personal tour of the Capitol too. Senator Hatch's office were wonderful as they showed us every nook and cranny of our Nation's Capitol. I was pretty amazed.

Here I am posing with my gift from the Andersen's. I love this totally "Danish" vase.

I had a blast when Ashton, Tate and I took the two youngest, Pernilla and Karen to Chuck-E-Cheeses. It was so much fun watching everyone play. In the end, while chosing their prizes, both girls were CRAZY about the candy.

I think all children, 'round the world, love good old candy.

One evening we had taco night and all 14 of us enjoyed feasting on staples such as guacamole and chips!

We were sad to see them go (especially me)! We hope to visit them one day in Danmark!

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LOVED THE PICTURES! Have I told you lately how much I love you! MOM