Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know, our trip to Alaska was over a month ago. Life is whirling and swirling by ever so quickly. Our trip was so much fun! Here are some pictures of our adventure.

We enjoyed the Blue Angels Air Show! It was a bit loud but luckily I had a pair of earplugs in my purse!

Here is Tali and Liz, the cutest sisters ever.

And here is Liz waiting her turn to "pilot" the jet.

Sis-n-law, Tiffanie.

Here is my brother Matt who looks quite "grizzly man-like" in the picture.

Here are my darling neices and nephew!

Our "bear."

No, I didn't buy it.

Ethan with his bear!

Here are the boys with Uncle Matt's cool car!

All buckled in and nowhere to go!

Novakovich multi-tasking!

Grandpa and Tate fishin'

Ethan's silver salmon.

Waiting by the river for Grandpa to get a big fish on...

The huge King Salmon Ethan caught.

The fight...

The struggle...

The fishermen...

A small hike...

My cute parents. Thanks for having us!

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