Friday, September 10, 2010

Grizzley Run

(The awards ceremony...I beat that GIRL into the ground...all 60 lbs of her young self)
Nerdy adults getting ready to run the race of their lives...

I ran the Grizzly Football 5k not so much to help raise money for the new field. No, I did it to impress my family. I don't think it worked. I figured since I was competing against a bunch of young boys I had a good chance at taking the win for the ladies! After running along side 400 sprinting boys, the first half mile was sure fun. After 350 of those boys started losing their breath and cramping, I joyously strided on.

I immediately spotted my competition, a young gal (12) galloping along right in front of me. I thought to myself, I must win this, Garth and Ethan will be at the finish with their cameras (and the first race they will see me win)! I pushed onward and passed the young fawn at mile 1.5. After passing cheering crowds of football fans (I pictured them out there for me...yeah right), I knew I had this race in the bag. And then visions of large trophies or prizes filled my head (I have won a race or two and have been pleased with the swag)...I raced on. As I came to the final yards, the crowds filled the sides of the road. Cheers rang out. Spectators yelled out, "Here comes the first woman!" Others said, "Hey, her son is on our team!" I was so excited. I scanned the crowd for my children, Garth...hoping for a camera to capture my big moment.

But I didn't see them. Not for about 10 minutes after I finished. They had stopped over at Chick-Fil-A to grab a bite to eat. Missed the whole thing.

And the prize...a totally lame medal...made out of what might well as be aluminum foil and a thrilling $10 gift card to Model's (I probably have to spent $50 bucks to get the ten off)!

Deep down, I am a champion...even if it is a champion among stinky 10 year old football players!

Run on!