Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ashton Turns SIX!

Ashton had a another dare he?! His choice of venue...Chuck-E-Cheese! He was so excited to have all of his friends join in the celebrating. He even invited all of his siblings.
Look how excited each one is:
Here is Ethan eating a large bite of pizza.

Here is Sommer reading AND listening to music (I think to drown out all of the little ones). She was a big help being the "token banker."

Calvin looks even more thrilled. Although he did head up the "let's get tickets for Ashton" fund. This helped entertain him. They ended up collecting 3000 and Ashton came home with a high quality stuffed Tootsie roll pillow...yeah right! But he LOVES it.

Tate always is looking to have a good time. He loved the party.

Here is Ashton getting ready to blow out his candles on his requested Skittle cake. Yummy?
We love you Ashton and Happy Birthday!

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Mom N said...

Love the pictures! Cake looks delicious! A good time had by all...well a few!