Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Cure All

When things start to heat up, the only cure is a trip to Alaska!

I love you cool Alaska. I love your clouds. I love your rain. I love your wind. I love your residents, Mike and Linda and Tiffanie and Matt. I love EVERYTHING about you right now.

And I love your restaurants, Lucky Wishbone and Simon & Seafords.

And I love your green. And your mountains. And your wildflowers.

And I love your fishing. Your moose.

And I love Dimond BLVD and Fred Meyer.

And I love Bayshore.

I just love ya Alaska.

Can't wait to see you on Tuesday!!!!!!!

Sorry Virginia. I don't love your heat and humidity right now (even though I love a lot about you too).

1 comment:

Mom N said...

AND ALASKA LOVES YOU. All of the things you mentioned are here and waiting for your enjoyment! Can't wait!!