Friday, June 19, 2009

We Don't Have a Camera!

It is true. All of our cameras have bit the dust.

Garth's "expensive one" dropped a few hundred feet a couple of years never was able to take another picture.

My point and shoot "expensive one" battery holder latch won't stay latched among other things making it useless (I guess it is time to take it in...where?!).

I have been using my CHEAPO Kodak camera I got years ago until it mysteriously stopped working a few weeks ago.

Imaginations is what we have failed to capture in picture:

Calvin graduated from fifth grade and will be entering middle school with Sommer next year! He had a super year as a head honcho of the elementary school.

Tate had the cutest Kindergarten program. I love watching those little kids sing "Your a Grand Ol' Flag" at the top of their lungs (no fifth grader would do that without cringing) and do a little skit with a silly hat on.

Joey's retriever fur was SHAVED last week. He looks ADORABLE! The neighbors thought we got a new puppy. I had no idea he wasn't overweight! He always looked a bit chunkers with all of that hair!

Calvin and Tate received mohawks earlier this week. Shocking to finally see Calvin without a mop on his head. The neighbors thought we adopted a couple kids...

I would have taken a picture of my gall bladder incisions sites with bruising bonus...really I would have...but I don't think you would have appreciated that.

Ethan, Sommer and Tate had their first swim meet. No pictures of Sommer taking 3rd in the butterfly (she rocked it) or Ethan getting 2nd in the Breaststroke. And what about Tate doing the cutest backstroke coming in ribbon contention (you have to get at least 20th!). Or Garth heading the Runner Committee (is in charge of all parent volunteers who take the time cards to the recorders during the swim meet. Sounds easy but it takes skills I don't possess) with his army beanie hat thing adorable!

Anyone seen a picture of my new bike?! Didn't think so!

Hopefully a camera will be a part of our lives again soon! In the meantime, thank goodness for imagination and my memory!

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Shelley said...

At least you have an excuse. I often forget to take pictures (like of lacrosse championship game) even though I have a camera.