Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grogginess,Uncontrolable Sneezing and Blurred Vision

I was all geared up to feel major pain AND nausea after my surgery on Thursday. Instead I was given one strong pain killer and slept from 4 pm until 7:30 am the next day. Even after being passed out for that long, I am still groggy. Don't like it one bit. At least it kept my pain at bay...

But something else occurred I wasn't planning on, I have been sneezing non-stop since the surgery. Normally a good sneeze feels great but not 3-4 in a row every 30 minutes after having surgery that invaded most of my core. Each sneeze is torture and feels like my innards are going to rip. What is up with that?!

And I had been looking forward to reading a book I had been putting off and catching up on my magazines after my surgery, but my vision has been so blurry I can't see to read. Luckily, my far-sighted vision is perfect and I can watch TV, but I am rather sick of flipping channels hoping to find something of interest.

I have been a bit sore, especially when I take a deep breath or cough (or SNEEZE). So glad this whole process is just about over!

Thank you to all of you who brought us dinner, flowers, Slurpee's and well wishes!

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