Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life is Good

Today was GOOD!

It started off with a run with my gal pal Kristi for a romp around the neighborhood

Then I had a super fun catch up lunch with my dear friend Angie.

It was then I headed to Harris Teeter to get my weekly fabulous deals on groceries (I almost didn't go). As I was chatting with a few neighbors, the cashier exclaimed, "You Won free groceries!"
"I did what?!" I said confused. Looks like I was the lucky 400th customer that day (or something) and won all of my groceries for free. It was really good cause I almost didn't buy that frozen lasagna (figured we needed some freezer meals cause my surgery is tomorrow), those razors for Garth, the extra cleaning supplies (I really only wanted to spend around $50). But luckily I spent $98 and got every penny back (but it was really over $200 worth since I had saved about $100 bucks with precious coupons)!

Then Garth was nice enough to let me ride (my new bike) with my buddies on the Haymarket Bull Run Mountain Ride this evening. That means he has to take all of the kids to scouts/young women's.

During the tough ride (these boys are fast...and I happened to be the only girl tonight...and they show no mercy), I got caught behind the longest train I had ever seen. It was just what I needed to get my heart rate back down and some hydration.

What a Life is Good kind of day!

Off to get my gall bladder out tomorrow. Can't wait to see my darling stones (yes, I will be asking for them)!


Gina said...

You are one lucky gal! Good thing you sprung for the extra groceries just to get them free! Love that!

Good luck with surgery!

Me said...

Way to get two good workouts in before surgery day. Good luck tomorrow! Please don't post pictures of your stones. I will throw up.

Robyn/Lauren said...

I hope you were home before that storm! That was one wicked rain/thunder/lightening show!

Heather said...

Got the bike in the garage just as the first drops of rain came down! And Tiffanie, there will be pictures of those stones if at all possible!

Monica said...

Good luck on your surgery!! There is something in the air around here cause you are about the 10th woman I know this year to have gall bladder surgery...crazy!

I've been hitting the Harris Teeter too but no such luck on free groceries...maybe I should wink at the cashier a little more!

Trisha said...

I hope your surgery went well. Way to go on the free groceries!