Thursday, June 11, 2009

Over Did It

I ate too much yesterday. And too much of the wrong kinds of things. Should I list them?! Okay you twisted my arm:

Mimi's Cafe: Huge Zesty Chicken Tostada Salad with HUGE Muffin (which was scarfed). A piece of key lime pie and a few bites of a chocolate mouse cake (it was a birthday celebration, Okay?!)

A package of Sour Patch Kids watermelon gummys and a handful of Ashton's chewy Sprees

A slice and a half of pizza

A yogurt (ate this when my stomach started hurting and the only good thing I consumed besides my small bowl of cereal I had in the morning)

An M&M ice cream cone. It was so good I couldn't turn down Ashton's left over one he said he didn't want (pretty much all intact). This all eaten too as stomach was hurting (I HAVE NO CONTROL PEOPLE)!

This eating frenzy as well as deciding to run 5 miles with some of my gal pals on our Wednesday morning run at the Battlefield (very HOT and very HILLY).

Later that evening, I was in bed moaning and groaning wondering what in the world I had been thinking. But I will tell you my doctor said I could "run" whenever I felt up to it (not sure if he understands my definition of running) and I did feel up to it...I thought! I think I did forget what he said about "taking it easy on high fat foods" for awhile to see how my system tolerates a missing gall bladder though.

I do feel better today. Not going to run. Not going to eat naughty (I did have 4 of the remaining sour patch watermelons..shhhh!)


Cherilyn said...

Heather, you should have waited at least 2 weeks before running. Are you insane????

Davis family said...

The ol' repentance routine doesn't work anymore...