Thursday, July 2, 2009

We Do Have A Camera!

We have a camera!
Happy Day! And even better news...It is Garth's and he can really take great pictures!
Now enjoy a few random candid shots compliments of GARTH!

Here is Sommer at Girl's Camp. Garth was able to go down yesterday and hike with the girls.
Our Ward Young Women!

Our Sommer is the cutest thing ever! I love how all of the girls braid their hair at girls camp each year.

This is one darling swimmer. Her is warming up after his backstroke. He got 2nd place in the 6 and unders. He loves his ribbons so much! You can find him playing with them often on the floor. It is the cutest things ever. His biggest joy is when Ethan gave him a HEAT Winner ribbon and one of his first place ribbons!

Ethan swimming the butterfly. His best stroke is the breast stroke though where he is ranked 31st in the whole county (out of hundreds of kids).

One of Sommer's best friends, Lexi!

Garth asking me to strike a pose (nothing to it...vogue)as he tries out his new camera!

Joey also asked to strike a pose. We love his shaved hair! No more sweeping up wig amounts of fur each day.

Sandwich shot. Cheese only please (he ate this kind of sandwich each day at school).

More and more pictures to come!


Trisha said...

LOVE the pictures! Sommer is looking so grown up and is beautiful. Looks like a fun summer so far...

just jen said...

yeah!! them all, especially the one of YOU!

Alex said...

I used to each cheese only sandwhiches all the time as a kid-it's the only kind I liked. :)

Jayne said...

cute pic of you. and summer. she looks more and more like you each new picture.