Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fond Farewell To Preschool

Ashton graduated from 4r's preschool this week. We have loved this preschool!
He made many friends.

He presented the letter W that night.

He also helped tell the story of "the Little Red Hen."

Love that chef's hat!

It was fun watching all of the dance numbers. At age four, kids aren't concerned what others think and will dance!

Ashton told us he was scared to say his part. Although nervous, he did a super job!

I love this picture of Ashton checking out his diploma!

Here is one proud mama! I will miss having him home next year as my little buddy!
Garth was sad he couldn't come due to his foot surgery earlier that morning!

Here is a one of Ashton's best friends, Sara.
He adores her!

What a handsome graduate!

Ashton's future looks bright!

Here are his teachers, Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. Winger. They have been the most amazing teachers to FOUR of our kids!
We will miss 4r's preschool so much!
But we are excited for Ashton's next adventure in the fall!


Gina said...

How stinking cute is that cap and gown! Any tears, mom?

Jayne said...

cute! i love this age. i'm going to miss my buddy too. don't know if i need to go get a dog or something to take care of...

Cherilyn said...

So cute! Will really enjoyed getting to know Ashton and we'd love to have him over this summer! I hope Garth is doing OK and that you are ready for the big day tomorrow!