Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Heart Lacrosse

I have a new love, lacrosse. I never knew much about the sport growing up in Alaska where ice hockey was the popular choice.

Calvin has been asking to play for a few years and finally we were able to let him give it a try. He rocks! He was immediately drafted on a top team starting in a defense position. Half way through the season, he was moved to the middy position (lots of running and checking) where at his first try at it, scored a hat trick!

I love it so much because of the funny lingo they use such as, "You're hot!" When I first heard the coaches and refs yelling that out I thought maybe they were talking to one of us cute mothers on the sidelines. But Garth corrected me (although he does think I am hot), and explained the meaning (after making a second pass, the player can now officially attempt to score). I still think it is pretty funny when I hear it though...those boys are HOT!

It cracks me up to see the boys blasting each other into the ground and slashing each other with their sticks. Not a sport for the wimpy or timid child. Cal loves it! In fact, he has been setting his alarm for 7 am each morning to run in attempt to get faster for his position. I have loved joining him on his runs too.

His little brother Tate has been carrying around his own lacrosse stick and can't wait until he can play next year!


Trisha said...

My dad always loved playing lacrosse. It looks crazy, but fun!

Suzanne said...

That's right...Wayne picked up lacrosse at BYU and loved it. Tell Calvin to stay with it and have a great time....Suzanne