Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here a few updates:

Ethan no longer wants to run. After getting a bit too excited, I signed him up for a race next week. I took him to the track and tried to coax him into running a mere two laps (half a mile). He didn't want anything to do with it! Looks like I will be racing solo.

My dear gall gladder will be taken out on June 4th. How much do you think that bad boy weighs?!

Garth is having a foot surgery next week to remove a Taylors bunion (outside of foot). We are both hoping he recovers quickly or we might be in trouble with my surgery only a week later.

Our washer broke again! No, no, this is a good thing. Remember?! If it breaks down four times in a year, they replace it. I have been trying to make this dream happen since 2002 when we bought the blasted thing. We have had three malfunctions each year since then...

We are camping for four days. I think the longest I have done that (that I can remember) is like never. I will have my own pup tent next to the rest of the family...I don't think I could survive with all the snoring that will most definitely take place. This camping adventure will be at the beach (not on the beach thankfully...tried that in Hawaii and talk about weird bugs and creatures crawling all over you!).

Looks like that is about it for now!

Have a Happy Weekend!


Monica said...

Man all your surgeries sounds like my family! I swear there are competitions to see who can have the most surgeries going on in one family. We have one down, and 3 to go in the next month. Lovely eh!

Good luck with all of yours and good luck camping. I hear ya on the camping on the beach in Hawaii. Did that too and I was eaten alive by bugs!

Cherilyn said...

Foot surgery? I had a ganglion cyst removed and thought it would be nothing and it was a HUGE recovery. Any time the foot is operated on it is a long recovery. Have Garth double check on the recovery time and such because it may be a problem : (

I want to bring food after your surgery. I'll call!

BB said...

I don't think anybody "likes to run"...especially when your not being chased! Pain is an acquired taste.