Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Heart My New Running Partner

Ethan ran his first race on Saturday! He had been training with the boys from his school for the past few months for a 5k. My hope was to have him finish the race without walking or if at all possible, without complaining!

Both goals accomplished! We started the race with 5700 other parents and kids (mostly girls since it was a "girls on the run" event). He wanted to start out fast but I told him to hold back and within a mile or so we would be passing people left and right. Sure enough, we were! He had a blast weaving left and right to pass many a walker who had started the race way too fast. It gave him confidence to be able to pass others instead of being passed. I had brought along my secret "blast beans" to give him a final push the last mile. Those worked like a charm. He loved when I poured water on his head for a cool off at the water stop (where I didn't let him stop). He only asked to walk once and told him that we don't "walk" in a running race but we can slow WAY down for a bit. He accepted that and no walking was required. There were a few tough hills too. Ethan wasn't bothered at all! I told him he could start sprinting when we saw the finish balloon arch! Upon seeing the finish, he took off and gave it all he had the final few yards!

After the race he replied, "Mom! When can we do that again!!" Music to my ears!

I didn't hesitate and signed us up for another race on May 30th!

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Kris & Amy said...

So fun! I bet you are loving running with both Ethan and Cal! See...just give them time and I'm sure that all your kids will run. Miss you guys!!