Saturday, March 28, 2009

7th Grade Fieldtrip...Newseum!

I was a chaperon this week for Sommer's Middle School trip to Washington DC's Newseum.
I wasn't thrilled at first, especially since Garth was the one that had signed up for this adventure. He ended up having to work, so being the next in command, I became the chaperon.
And come to find out...I actually ended up having a super time!

This is an amazing museum!
We started with a 4-D film experience about three inspiring journalists. We all loved our glasses which made everything seem like it was floating right in front of you!
Very cool.
Here is the actual back end of the sniper's car. If you lived in Northern VA at the time, you will remember the horror these two idiots caused. Recess was cancelled for weeks, getting gas was nerve racking, walking to your car was frightening always wondering if a bullet was going to take you out. The snipers actually killed someone in Manassas about 10 miles from our town of Haymarket!

The 9/11 Gallery was touching. Here is part of the World Trade Center. They showed an amazing film about the reporters who covered that tragic day. The kids were definitely touched by the movie.

On the Terrace, we had a super view of our Nation's Capitol!
I love the fact that we live so close to so many amazing things!
Come visit would ya!?
The Berlin Wall exhibit housed eight sections of the wall and an East German guard tower.

All of the kids loved the interactive newsroom. They could try their hand at reading the news in front of a live camera. Here is Sommer and Lauren taking a shot at it!

Sommer claims, reporting isn't a profession she would like to pursue.
I think during spring break we need to hit some more of these places!


shawni said...

They must have updated the Newseum since we were there because man, there's some cool stuff there! Glad you got to go have some fun.

jdanders said...

Heather, you're the cutest kid in the picture. Love Brandy

Davis family said...

Heytar!!! It has been awhile since I've been checking in on blogs and it was so fun to catch up on you a little. You look so good, have such great perspective, have a TEENAGER!!!, and continue to be as fun and upbeat as you always were. I miss you! Darcie

Trisha said...

That looks like a lot of fun. We really want to come to DC sometime. We just need to figure out a time that works...