Thursday, March 19, 2009


So about a month ago, I came to post a new blog. Things had changed on my page. I no longer have the amount of options on the top of my page as I once did. Next to the bold, italics and spell check, things have gone missing. I no longer have the color option or script. I can't type in the middle of my post either. And the most irritating thing is when I download a picture, it comes up in code form and not picture form until I publish my post. Therefore I can't see the pics and can't edit.

Anyone know how to fix this problem!



just jen said...


when you are on the posting screen make sure you are on the COMPOSE button (in the upper right corner of the white box) instead of EDIT HTML.

if this doesn't work, call me.

The Curtis Family said...

When you're in your new post window, look to the top right hand corner of the window you're typing in. There should be two tabs, one says Edit HTML, the other says Compose. Click on the Compose tab and you should be good to go!