Sunday, March 1, 2009

Picture This

If only I were better at taking pictures. I just couldn't bring myself to take anymore dark, blurry amateur photos this weekend. I love seeing my many talented friend's blogs who share the most amazing pictures. I do not have that skill. Nope. Nothing. No picture talent. I am a point and shoot kind of gal...whatever the lens captures it captures...and it totally shows.


My husband does. And he mentioned he would like to get a decent camera so he can start taking pictures again! I can't wait...and until then...

My apologies to my darling family. We had the best weekend and I have no pictures for us to enjoy later...

You will just have to "Picture this (our Massanutten Highlights)":

1. Hiking along the top of the mountain in 65 degree temperatures. Watching the kids run ahead playing make believe. Sitting with Ashton and Calvin on a huge boulder looking down onto the valley as we waited for the rest of the family. Cal providing us with a few paint balls where we had a fun blasting them into the rocks exploding yellow paint on a winter brown landscape (by the way, the paint is bio-degradeable).
2. Watching Ethan enthusiastically dig out an old glass Coke bottle he thought was worth millions. Come to find out it was worth 5 cents if you returned it for recycling in Maine.
3. Making our annual snow tubing trip. Garth's goal each year it to get going so fast he blasts into the barrier at the end of the hill. Goal accomplished.
4. Running 14 miles in the hilly mountains. Overjoyed when I actually find a flat surface to run on...this would be a parking lot where I loop around and around until I am dizzy. Then it is back to more hills. I was even more thrilled when I found 12 one dollar bills strewn on the ground.
5. We enjoyed a day at the indoor water park. Grateful Garth doesn't lose his swim trunks this year. But he does almost lose his big toe when it becomes lodged between the tube and siding before blasting down a slide. Extra grateful that all of our children are finally tall enough for all the rides!! And when the fire alarm sounds, we are thankful it is 65 degrees out as they evacuate the entire building in their swimsuits. No fire by the way...
6. Had a wonderful dinner at IHOP where everyone (except Ashton who wants his chicken nuggets) satisfies his/her pancake cravings.
7. Went to the movies. Garth takes little boys to "Mall Cop" and I take older kids to see "Taken." Garth has already seen this movie and LOVED it. We all was awesome. My favorite moment was when Garth came in halfway through the movie with the little boys. It was late. Ashton snuggled up onto my lap and quickly fell asleep. I haven't had one of my little (now so big) kids fall asleep on me in years. What a wonderful feeling having a child soundly sleeping in your arms.
8. We hit the (ice) slopes on Saturday. We decided this was the year the kids would be given an open invitation to ski (in the past we had too many little ones). Round one: Calvin, Mom, Dad and Tate. Calvin loves to ski and is gone in an instant. Tate on the other hand lasts for about 20 minutes. We take him back to the condo hoping next year will be a better experience for him. Ethan declines the ski offer. Garth talks Sommer into giving it a try. They head out and within minutes she is hooked! We find Calvin a few hours later out of his skis and has swapped them for a snowboard. And just like that...he can snowboard. We spent the entire day on the mountain (Garth, Sommer and I taking turns with the non-skiers). Our great friend Vicente joined us too. It was a perfect day and I have high hopes we will all be up and skiing next year!
9. That evening it snows. Beautiful.
10. Arrive home grateful for our time together.


just jen said...

it sounds wonderful!

where is massenutten?


Goose said...

So glad you had a great trip!

Paige at said...

You guys are such better parents than we are. Your kids are going to have great memories of all this stuff you did together. I don't know how to get motivated to do the extra stuff on top of all the have-to stuff. Where do you get the energy?