Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been feeling a bit blog lazy as of late. Maybe it is the lack of pretty picture taking. It could be a decrease in brain power that I have been losing over the years. It most definitely isn't due to lack of "happenings." I feel like each day blazes by.

I have been thinking about years ago when I would be home with little ones. I felt there were many days that seemed to last forever. I had kids up at the crack of dawn after being up all night, cleaning, diaper changing, doctor going, playdates, kid napping, playing in and outside again and again, making meals, and anticipating the dreaded 4-6 pm hours before Garth got home from work (where kids began unravel...or was it me unraveling?!) all seemed to go ON and ON. (This all done while being pregnant most of the time)

Today things are different. By the time I get the kids off to school and do a quick clean up of their morning whirlwind damages, go for a run, lunch with the lady friends...BAM! The day is done. I am never bored. I never have time for a good Oprah moment. Time flies...maybe cause I am having fun (like the saying goes).

Not that I wasn't having fun before, life just seems more enjoyable. Easier? Maybe. But I think what I have is a better understanding about my life. I don't want what others have(okay, I would take that Hawaiian vacations my bro, sis and parents are on right now...even the rain...but you know what I mean!), I really don't. I love what I have and am cherishing it (exept when the "haves" are sassy). I am not anticipating "moments" to begin or "moments" to end. I am just living as things are happening.

And I am loving it!


Gina said...

Good perspectives. Hmmm. Such good thoughts on living in the moment. I'm always working on that. :)

Tiffanie Novakovich said...

I have started noticing a little of the same. My kids are younger, but I only have one home right now and I'm not pregnant! And I notice that it's nice to enjoy the moments rather than rush them to bed. You do have a good life, and good "haves."

shawni said...

How is it possible that all that time has flown right by us....gone are the days of hanging out with you and Stephanie with all our kids. Just HANGING. Life is just so different now. SO busy! But I agree, it's awesome.

Sure miss you guys.

I love your description in the last post. Sometimes descriptions are better than pics. It sounds like things are going so great.
Love, Shawni

Trisha said...

Glad to see you are still alive! How did you ever do Oprah days? I can't even squeeze those in now.

Goose said...

Good outlook on life.

Mom N said...

You are definitely "getting it."
Enjoy the moment. I wish you were here to enjoy the rain! Tomorrow it's back to snow...sigh!

jdanders said...

I'm transitioning to "your stage" and REALLY liking it...oh, I'm Primary Pres. Brandy