Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adventure Race

Our family participated in An Adventure Race last week!
We had two teams:
1. Team Garth: with members Ethan and Tate (not as fast but much better at map reading)
2. Team Heather: with members Calvin and Sommer (much quicker but horrible at map reading)
You know why we have to be quick but why map skills in this race?
This was a race where all teams were given a map with various check points hidden throughout the forest. Teams were required to run, bike, zipline while searching for the markers where a code was then recorded on a sheet of paper turned in at the end of the race.
...but you had to read the map in order to find them...
Team Heather was off in flash leading the pack. After a mile run, we headed to the bikes where all teams spread out quickly into the various trails throughout the park. All teams were required to stop at all three bike drops where we then had to hit the trails a running or even bushwack through the woods (ticks anyone?) trying to navigate to the various check points.
It was all good and well when we had others to follow. After finding 8 or our required 11 checkpoints, we found ourselves ahead of the pack and alone to find the final bike drop. Unfortunately, team Heather has a horrible map reader as a leader thus getting her team lost and going in circles for quick awhile.
But due to our quick speed (and willingness to "ask directions", we ended up coming in second place overall!
Team Garth included an expert map reader. His team also included two members with no gears on their bikes, one 6 year old, and a 45 year old who wore bike shoes (remember there was a lot of running). They ran an amazing race finding each check point without any mistakes! The little boys were troopers and had a ball getting muddied up and having their dad flawlessly lead the way.
Team Heather's leader was a bit bossy and made everyone run way too much. Notice the wicked smile on her face in all of the pictures...
But all in all the Porter's had a GREAT day!


Ashton arriving after the race with Grandma and Pop Pop Gair giving the zipline a try!

Start of the race. Calvin takes off like a flash. He ends up having to wait for the rest of his team at the bikes.

All of the kids received race medals. When medals are given, happiness follows...

Team Heather relishing in their 2nd place finish.

On the trails. Probably lost at this point but I won't officially say anything. Sommer rocked it on the biking portion.

One of my many wicked smiles. Calvin was a running champ and made his mother proud! I am still looking for one of my kids to be a running partner. So far, no takers.

More wicked smiling...

My future runner (shhh! don't tell him I said that!)

Due to our lack of map reading skills. We made the race much more difficult. We seemed to always find ourselves on the wrong side of the streams. I got pretty good at leaping...and then splashing...

It looks like we were being chased by a bear in this picture. But I think it was more to do with Team Heather's crazy competitive leader. Sorry Sommer.

Still smiling....tee, hee, hee!

Sommer muddied up! She is one strong biker leaving Calvin in her dust!

Lost here?! Maybe...I won't say.

Team Garth crossing the fallen tree to check point number 6. I let Sommer and Calvin get this one!

See! Here is Calvin passing up tons of slow kids! Way to push two of them in the water for the lead dear son...way to push!

We had a super time! Muddy, loud and allowed my competitive juices to flow. Next year we will go for the win though...
We have some great friends who head up NV Racing which is an adventure racing team that puts on this any many other events around Northern Virginia!


Trisha said...

OH my goodness, I am laughing so hard. That looks like so much fun. Is Sommer taller than you? She looks like it in the one picture. Glad you had a great adventure together.

Mom N said...

That looks like just too much fun!

jaromandcynthia said...

Looks like a blast, and what a fun family activity!

amyburb said...

What a cool activity! I wish we had something like that around here. Maybe I should look into it . . .