Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hawaii With Aunt Lisa

Our children are very blessed to have their Aunt Lisa.  She takes each one of our kids on an adventure of their choosing when they turn 12.  Ethan finally hit the 12 year old mark this year and the planning began.  The first question is always:
Where do you want to go? 
As always, they can pick anywhere in the U.S.  Ethan narrowed his choices to the Grand Canyon and Hawaii. 
After much thought, Hawaii was chosen.  Aunt Lisa then takes over, planning the ultimate experience.
Remember Sommer  (Sommer went back due to a complication)and Calvin's big trips?  Amazing...
A few days after school was out, they began their adventure to Hawaii.
 Their first stop was Oahu.  Upon arrival, they were greeted with fresh leis (which Ethan said smelled amazing)!

 They explored every nook and cranny of this Island, touring, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, beaches, waterfalls, snorkeling and even parasailing (scroll down for awesome pictures)! LUCKY!

They spent some time on the North Shore, visiting BYU-H (I went there for a semester and LOVED it), the L.D.S. temple and a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

 Aunt Lisa knows how to pack in the fun...and tire out teenagers!

 After a few days on Oahu, they flew to the big Island of Hawaii and saw plenty of volcanoes, turtles, toured caves and purchased a ukulele!

 More sleep was necessary due to the huge amount of FUN that was had!

 They even spent time at the Kona temple!
 Ethan brought home a ton of stuff...but he loved his stash of foreign candy!  His siblings and neighbors gathered 'round as he talked about his trip and shared his loot!
 The highlight according to both Lisa and Ethan, was the Parasailing adventure!

 Thank you Lisa for making amazing memories for Ethan.  We love you!


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