Monday, September 10, 2012

A New Season

So I was complaining about my "trials of life" to a friend of mine when she told me, "I am so sorry Heather you are going through these things, you know, we all have some serious trials." She then proceeded to share with me hers.  I had no idea she had suffered many years of her life with such pain.

This sweet friend, reminded me (I seem to constantly need reminding), that everyone is given difficulties in life.  And sometimes these trials are pretty darn tough.  I absolutely don't want someone else's tribulations and there are times, I absolutely don't want mine.  However, I know the difficult things I have, I can handle.  And how grateful I am for those people who have been there through mine.

As we wiggle and squirm, attempting to bear our heavy burdens, we have the opportunity to become stronger in every way.  We learn to depend on our loving Father in Heaven who knows of our pain and will open doors as we place our faith in Him.

And it is possible to still feel happy, content and faithful during these difficult times. 

Take today for instance.  The oppressive heat is gone.  A light breeze passes through my open window. The leaves shift ever so slightly showing a slight change in their color, reminding me that a new season isn't far away.  I feel happy. I am content.  I have faith.

We are all given new seasons throughout our lives.  We have opportunities to grow and become beautiful. Other times, our seasons shifts and we may crumble a bit, lose our color and wilt.  In these moments we may feel cold, lost and alone.  But we are always given a new season. Here we can become beautiful once again.  And we always stronger.

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