Monday, July 2, 2012

Talented Brothers

So here we have two  (of three) talented brothers, Matt (on left) and Mike (on right).  Matt is an amazing runner and will be attempting to win Alaska's famous Mt. Marathon this Wednesday (I will be posting about that exciting event soon).  Mike is an amazing photographer with an additional talent of "editing."

The reason I am pointing out these two specifically, is the tendency Mike has of taking Matt (or other innocent pictured...but mostly Matt...thank goodness) and adding humor to the photo.

Let's start out here with Mike and his siblings.  You will see five normal (rather good looking) people in this shot.  No, Yoda is not one of them...

And here at a simple Novakovich family photo shoot, it is obvious, that Obama is not related to our family.

On a relaxing vacation, Matt and Tiffanie are interupted by "Jaws."  

Here is Matt out running a cheetah...I told you he was fast.

And out running even a bear...(after "stealing" her cub)

And our poor parents.  Goofs, Mike and Matt are just about to run them over on the tracks.

I love how both can be so dang talented and add some humor.

Thanks are funny.

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