Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Awake. Arise and Shine.

Last night I had trouble falling asleep.  As I the minutes turned to hours, I tried to figure out my running plan for the next day.  Originally I had hoped to get to bed early, thus making the difficult early morning transition a little less painful.  I envisioned waking up as the sun was just rising, before the heat began to penetrate the black asphalt and the humidity enveloped the day thus making my long run even possible.

But alas, as I drifted off to sleep, the time much later than anticipated, I began thinking, no, dreaming of sleeping in, forgetting about my 11 mile training run and simply eating Chipotle.

And then I awoke.  Miraculously, the sun was just coming up.  And so, taking the advantage on the day's heat, I quickly dressed and was on my way.

Gratitude filled my soul,  knowing this small, yet important to me, miracle occurred. I was able to complete one simple run, one of many, which will lead me to a successful end.

And so, when we are given the opportunity to awake, arise...and shine.

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I'm Shelley said...

Heytar, I love your bloggy. I hate getting up in the morning, especially after I've had a hard time falling asleep. You make me think I will try.